S38E02 – K-A-M-A

S38E02 - K-A-M-A

What’s up my dudes, Italo back for another GIF Recap!  Before the gify mess starts, make sure to follow me (@italogifs) and my editor bro (@anthonyd46) on Twitter to get all the gif updates and more!

This episode we had the appearence of the missing contestant Julia, heavy snakes, Victoria and her stick, and a lot, A LOT of dancing! Enjoy!! 

When the pisser lady talks about looking for idols but you’re too busy doing nothing

Wardoggo checklisting all the times he was a good boy

No one:
Jeff every single Tribal:

When you’re about to finally get an edit but the ginger hates you

Me: I’m gonna be more open to new people, make new friends
Me in a new job:

That one time Jeff decided to put every sngle idolvantage on an island and thought it was a good idea

Learn the Kama Dance with Teacher Ron

♪ K-A-M-A-Kama-Kama-Ka-Kama ♪

Why do you hate the Kama Dance, Gavin?

I call this the Chicken Movement

Rick’s definition of a big guy

Keith literally rolling in the sand

Missing contestant Julia was found alive

When you hear your name in a conversation

Dance Moves Hidden on The Edit #4

Me walking to the fridge at 3AM

That one time Julia fucking died in a challenge

Edge of Extinction introducing itself to the other season’s table


Keith, this is why you got voted out

Orange soda or strawberry soda

Dance Moves Hidden On The Edit #5

Did David shit his pants tho?

About Angelina and Chrissy

Me having a deep discussion with my 6yo cousin on why DC is better than Marvel

That one time Chris pushed the drowning boy into the water

Dance Moves Hidden On The Edit #6

Sneaky Sneaky 2.0

So close…

Russell Hantz playing Survivor

He voted himself out!

I bet he didn’t go to Reem’s Island

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Now, the uncaptioned treasures section:

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