S38E03 - Chicken Wars

What’s up my dudes, another GIF Recap by Italo!  Before all the fun starts, make sure to follow me (@italogifs) and my editor bro (@anthonyd46) on Twitter to get all the gif updates and more!

This episode we had chicken wars, missing flints, returnee hunting season, a #blindside and contestants going full fish in the water! Enjoy!!!

Wendy is here for the Chicken Wars!

What kind of fish is this?

Every Survivor player after making any move ever

A creature found in the islands of Fiji by Survivor production

That’s how much Eric loves Kama

Wendy reads my Edgic posts

Me reading my credit card bills

We need to talk about Kelley’s mood

First Reem, now Chris. Sharping the machete is a curse!

Olha o carro da pamonha, pamonha de doce, pamonha de sal

When you search the tag #survivor but it shows up Greek Survivor stuff

My organs watching me order fast food for the third day straight

Joey Amazing nor being Joey Amazing

Me watching Wardog vs Ron on twitter

Merged players finding out about EOE

When you really want that Sia Award

When you have an episode without a Ron dance

When you’re a top contender in all internet’s Edgic but get INV in episode 3

Would you let David sharp your machete?

He seems worried.


Come back to hunt them, Chris!

Next time on…Survivor:

Chicken Wars continues with a big move

The swapfucked bets are open!

See you here, next week! Feel free to check out the rest of our website, you can find all David vs Goliath and soon more seasons here!!

Now, the uncaptioned treasures section:

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