What’s up my dudes! I’m back with another recap! Episode 3 we had two new characters, superpowers and we finally got to know who wrote Rob that sincere letter!

Check out everything you missed from the third episode of Wieners at War…in GIFS! Enjoy! 

I present you…Madchele!

So are you telling me Nick only gets airtime when he falls on a challenge? I am livid.

What.is.up, Robert Carlo Mariano?

Survivor fans watching Jeff throw 35 idolvantages in half a season


Tony brought the spyshack back and you didn’t notice

Yul speaking for all of us!

If they lost the challenge because of this…now that would be pretty epic!

Adam waking up with Boston Rob looking at him

Me every time I see Nick or Michele on my tv screen

Aubry every single Tribal on Game Changers

Wasn’t Ben supposed to be a cowboy?

Boston Rob: a Madchele:

Adam telling us why what he did was dumb

I present you…Super Wendow

My dark jokes hit family reunions like this

Ben loves his wifey

Sophie giving it all on that puzzle and Tony watching the other Tribe

Colton be like

Sensationalist headline: Police officer doing black face on Survivor!

Super Wendow #2

I bet you never saw that one coming

That feeling when you’re about to blow up a legend’s legacy

Best player ever yes

*gets a fire token once*

BennyDic does not like hugs

Cops R Us is BACK!….and Lacina is getting screwed again, we just know it

Madchele gives no fucks about who Rob is

“If you have a twitter account, you follow @italogifs”

Super Wendow is ready!

Blinky blink

I got a shark, bye suckers

Literally the only shot of Kim on the episode

The entire cast of Nicaragua watching Fabio dumb his way to the million

Sensationalist Headline: Survivor contestant fucking dies from unknown spider species

Super Wendow checking on Madchele

Therapist: a Me:

I cannot wait.

If you’re a dumbf*ck or not

It was Amber, y’all.

Next time on…Survivor: Low Blood Pressure at War!

That’s it for now, guys! I’ll be back next week! Make sure to check out all the gifs from EP3 on the button below!


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