What’s up my dudes, it’s sunday you’re out there bored on your phone or computer, how about recap the latest episode of your favourite reality tv show? I’m here for it! Check out everything you missed on the second episode of Survivor: Winners at War…in GIFS!

Ok who sent that?

Ok that camera was way too close

Richard Hatch on the S40 casting drama

Arisa Cox: So Tony, what is gonna be your strategy this time? Tony:

We just know this pre-merge is gonna be Sandra x Rob

He’s gonna screw her up again, isn’t he?

Parvati’s double idol is still the greates move ever

If Ethan looked at me like this I’d quit

Boston Rob: a Newbie:

I wasn really not expecting Benny Dic to be the comic relief this season, I like it

When I realize people born in 2004 are already making other people

The good news is a season with only winners, the bad news is EOE is back

Nice style, Nick!

Show Adam how it’s done, Mich

This reminds me of that HHH episode where Ben goes full dictator mode, that’s the reason I call him Benny Dic

Kween Sandra does not cheer

You know shit is real when even Tyson is worried about you

I saw that, Sophie

He did that one on purpose, king!

Kim excited to watch Tony die

Poor Danni, sorry to see you go…

Ok guys that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to check out all the gifs from this episode on the buttom below! See you soon!

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