Check out everything you missed from the fourth episode of Survivor: Weyners at War…in GIFS! Enjoy!

Never leak Madchele’s info

Tony to Tony on Game Changers

Me at a family reunion

Jury management

Apology Tour Time!!

Greeting in coronavirus times

Bet you have never seen an Amber eyeroll before

This season is killing me.

Yul made that ass shake

Who says “flub”?

If you insist.

Raise your hand if you won more than a single million dollar check

That was cute

One week into quarantine

Survivor Drinking Game: Take a shot whenever someone dramatically chop a coconut

Tony’s witchcraft

Yul Kwon explain yourself

Me watching Parvati and Sandra go back to back in a single episode


What kind of game is that? Seriously.

Sandra’s look at Yul

Nick’s dreams come true.

Yes, the vote was that obvious.

We might need medical.

Sandra’s most hated sentence

That’s it, quick one haha Make sure to check out all gifs from episode 4 on the button below!

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