Check out everything you missed from the fifth episode of Survivor: Weyners at War…in GIFS! Enjoy! 

Madchele’s attempt to wink

Lacina and Sophie stripping

Ok now that was fast

If you don’t give a neck massage to your bro, are you even a bro?

Parvati kissing a dead man’s skull

Did Rob really think that by forcing 3 winners not to play he would survive that Tribal?

Adam’s strategy to win Survivor for the second time

Russell Hantz whenever he sees a young female player

Same energy

First time in a threeway be like – #2

Survivor quarantine! Fuck Corona

This is what a returnee says whenever they’re about to make that mistake again

Ben praying to the Survivor Gods

Survivor Drinking Game: Take a shot whenever you see someone dramatically chop a coconut

Sophie straight up praying in the middle of a conversation

Simba in the lion king

Me looking for something to entertain me on the 10th day of quarantine

Wendown about Madchele and Madchele about Wendown

Boston Rob almost dying

Take my hand, stay Joanne

Rob returned to ruin his puzzle king reputation

Crazy eyes Parvati!

You may leave Matsing, but Matsing never leaves you

Parvati-Sandra back to back elimination

Nick taking a piece of toilet paper out of his ass

Every Survivor fan every wednesday night

She: he’x my ex-boyfriend // Him:

God after not having the answer for no 90-minute episodes of Survivor

First time in a threeway be like – #3

Sandra farted on it

There’s nobody saying anything, who said that?

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