Check out everything you missed from the sixth episode of Survivor: Weyners at War…in GIFS! Enjoy! 

She’s back! The spyshack is back!

Angie would be proud.

To erase this episode from my memory

No bias: that was not a good move LOL.

Tony losing a race against himself

F*cking swap got you again, Sandra!

Quarantine day 10

The power couple we didn’t know we needed

Quarantine day 11

Kim is voting Denise off, you read it here first

Starving in an island with 18 strangers wanting you dead: sounds like a second honeymoon to me!

When I saw the votes going to Sandra and I wanted to pause the show just to break my tv with a punch real quick

Quarantine day 13: I’ve started to count how many brick are there on my neighbours roof

Sophie Clarke’s opinion about peanut butter and jelly

Jeff’s snuffer watching itself light off Sandra and Parvati’s torches back to back

Wendown’s strategy to win Survivor for a second time

“survivi echinimi”

Quarantine day 14: I’ve accepted the idea of an apocalypse, I’m taking my dog with me

The most disappointing outcome in the history of this show

Check out all the gifs from episode 6 on the button below. I’m mad, bye.

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