S37E08 – *Pretends to be Shocked*

I’m back!

Episode 8 – *Pretends To Be Shocked*

Kentucky Nick Wilson, explain yourself



Instant regret

Someone tried to poison Alison! Medical, we need medical

When there is no one left to name-alliance with because you already alliance-named everyone

When Jeff comes in with that Reward table

And it’s pizza!

Not really pizza because that thing is not pizza, it has pineapple in it

In a battle to death, which ninja would win, Weasel Woo or Devilish Davie?

Now that’s jury management

You go Supergirl!

Angelina blowing the kiss of death to Dan

Look who’s getting island hot

Me when I hear any gossip ever

Yes he does


The Sarah Monkey’s fly theory does not let Angelina win anymore

What a pretty family picture

Good old #blindside

Bam bam bam bam bam

Angelina and Carl regret staying that close

And now they broke Angelina, who’s next?

Yeah Jeff he’s a threat Jeff threat is bad for game Jeff

That’s what a shower does to people

Mike refusing to make intercourse with Alec

And Alec figuring out he had to please himself, Nick was in shock

When you’re a Survivor fan and someone is nice to you

Now WHAT THE FUCK is that on Davie’s neck?

Jeff narrated this, he was like “Carl finding a good part, there comes Nick, this is neck and neck”

Pizza eating is always pretty to look at

Please Natalie, Please Dan, Please JURY!

Kara did not see that coming

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Alec watching his mastermind move play out

Italo, explain yourself

Ahh, the pizza feeling

7th voted out: The puppy in a wrestler body

Man these clues are getting harder each season!

Carl ready for that Goliath blindside

Brochacho hangloose

Kara to her Edgic supporters

Pants got shitted

Mike with one bag and Kara with THREE



oh ma god

Checking how’s your jury management

That is it for now goys! See you again in three days!!

I’ll leave you with the uncaptioned treasure pack!

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