S37E09 – …And THIS Is The Idol Nullifier

Welcome back to another episode of Survivor: David vs Goliath – GIF Thread by Italo! This week we had the “most shocking elimination of the season” as the spoiler source said himself, well, that did deliver indeed! We have jawdrops, crazy eyes, a Thanksgiving dinner table, people taking a dump, a Brochacho blindside and some more creepy things…I hope you all have some fun! And @Totem, good captions LOL!

Episode 9 – …and THIS Is The Idol Nullifier!

Gabby and surprises to start this post

Veggie Burgeeeeeeeers

Angelina crying over a burger…I never felt so represented

Ain’t these type of shots weird when they’re not in slowmo?

Yeah Alec, that’s the feeling

The feeling when you’re good with balls

Alec, you know the Challenge Threat curse right? The curse says the challenge threat gets around 8th place!

I can’t believe Dan made “all day” a catchphrase

I’m sorry for this one

Cocky Carl, Goliaths wanted to DIE here

When he plays that nullifier

Oh my God they broke Christian again

When you’re idol hunting and the cameraman is trying to tell you that’s not the right place

Elizabeth takes her job as a juror very seriously

Alison buying Kara’s speech

Gabby making sure she’ll be on your nightmares

Mike trying to fit in

Thirsty Carl

That’s how you cast a vote my dudes

When I think everything is going well

Alison trying to cheer up her depressed team

When the exit interview of Dan only comes out on monday because of Thanksgiving

A ThanksGIFing gift

The speech of every player on the bottom ever

Angelina cried on her couch watching this

Rumor has it she tried to murder Davie in his sleep on the island



Surfer dude hangloosing

Stealer and stolen

How tragic would it be if I spelled his name wrong here

When your aunt Patricia and her husband catch you saying some gay shit at the Thanksgivign table

And your cousin say another gay shit at the other end of the table

Morto mas passa bem

When someone tries to argue this season isn’t good + did Christian just curse? #wow

The feeling of taking a shit

Gabby judging you

Kara 24/7

Carl has no mercy

Tell me she didn’t look like Pucca somehow

Walk walk fashion baby

That’s how winning veggie burgers and beer feels like

aaand the 8th person voted out is: Dan! BEGONE

Man he was mad, not even a “bye”

And Kara pretended to be sad

What did you just say?

Man the lack of alliances to name is making Nick depressed!

Puzzle love

Now that’s what we call a #blindside

Elizabeth stole Jerri Manthey’s hat

Nick’s crazy eyes?

Angelina continues to represent me

Check out that ball dude

When you’re now whispering the gay shit but aunt Patricia’s husband stil listens on the back

Alec’s love life

Angelina SMASHING you with dat ass

When Gabby sees someone trying to have better tear shots than her

Aunt Patricia and her husband promising they’ll never let you talk to her 14-year-old son Tommy again

That’s what we call the Survivor sex tarp

Christian is socially charming me

Survivor contestant fucking dies on tv

That’s it for now guys, tune in next week for more GIFs! See ya!

Next time on…Survivor: Meet the Godmother

Uncaptioned treasures section:

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