S37E07 – You Promised Me

So, big merge, big players, big Tribal. This has been such an awesome season, great cast that makes a lot of rootable players, strong weather that makes them suffer more, balanced edit that makes Edgic funnier to follow and participate, awesome player that make this such an unpredictable season and all of this proves that David vs Goliath has started a new Golden Age on Survivor! And I’m here to take the best of it! See everything you missed on the merge episode of the season in infinite loops with me! Have fun!

Episode 7 – You Promised Me

All day baby. You are a  w    e       s          o            m               e

When you wanna make a big move but your allies are against Tribal stand-whispering

John tried to continue the challenge as nothing happened

I don’t know her

When you love to name alliances but you don’t wanna join Alec

How to make a love statement

Alec is me trying to survive a family reunion

The Tribal Council Jeff Probst syndrome

“she’s a medium threat, listen, so she’s a medium threat medium, LEMME FINISH she’s a medium threat”

Kara falling for Alec and Christian happily getting wasted on the background


The Survivor Last Supper

You know you’re going home when this is people’s reaction to you losing the challenge

We need to talk about Nick’s fish

pls help, Tai? Sia?? anyone? cro

Nick’s face when the Goliaths are going at each other at Tribal

When you don’t got this

Funny thing, Christian looks exactly like my dad aside from the long hair

Dude what’s happening to her face? Medical, we need medical!

Angelina trying to find a drop of tear to make the scene more dramatic

Survivor: Stone Age

Did John really shout “Brochacho”????!

I think they broke Christian




Alec just chilling thinking about whose game he’ll ruin next

When a new-era player finds a single shell on the beach

You get em Angelina

Says the legend Nick is there to this day waiting for his non-virtual fist bump

Thumbs up to bad jury management

INV Lords and Ladies, this is your time!

Clap clap

Sassy Gabby

Alison pretending to be shocked

What a cute puppy

Do I tell him or do you?


Why is she disgusted with his face

When they don’t wanna give you airtime so you make them do it

Cowgirl, STEWpid people Tribe has spoken!

I gotta say, I will miss her screamings though…I don’t think Alison will

Now a little story of how Gabby ALMOST went the whole episode without crying ~~~~

As the merge hit Gabby was feeling like she needed new bonds, and her fame of new Mayor of Crytown was not helping

She went to have a conversation with her fella KaloKalo Alec, who had some rough words to her

Gabby made a promise to Alec and to herself

Gabby was keeping her promise, surprising even herself that she didn’t drop a single tear with 10 minutes to the end of the episode

As Tribal was about to end, Angelina was bothered to see Gabby was not crying the entire episode

And she did something about it

Poor Gabby couldn’t hold it

And Alec got disappointed

And that’s how the Mayor of Crytown almost went the whole episode without crying, next time Gabby!

Plot twist: Angelina had a reason

That’s it for the merge guys! Episode 8 coming up until tomorrow and the following episodes will go back to normal thursday/friday!

Time for the veyr important but uncaptioned GIFs! Caption this:

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