S37E11 – Our Starting Offer Is…

Episode 11 – Out Offer is…

anyway, here’s the first, just to redeem Davie’s rep

Christian: a

*jogs once*

Super Christian

“should we check on Mike for the vote? he must be wanting to flip”


Dizzy Christian

Now that was a blindside

“Davie’s drunk…Davie’s drunk”

Who did it better?

Girls Dinging – they should’ve noticed the girls alliance by this

Girls Dinging – Extended Version feat. The Godfather

*Single leaf falls from a tree*

Alec shaved

Wrestling hangloose

Gabby, The Godmother

Kara looking at the cameraman

Angelina is a professional decoy vote

Things you say when you don’t have all the power in the world

When I’m almost passing out but it’s open bar

That landing tho

Angelina has no mercy when it comes to negotiation, Natalie would be proud, she’s in sales

When you have no shot at reward and you want everyone to drown

Nick diving in too hard

My boy

Christian can’t wink

I caption what I hear

Me telling my chidhood traumas to my Tinder date after one beer


So close

Check your pulse after you vote out your closest ally

Is Christian the island therapist or something? Everyone cires on his shoulder

10th voted out: Carl, because in one (2) episode we lost Alecson, Mason-Dixon and Carlvie

When your island hubby is back and now a guaranteed million dollar vote for you

Angelina training her blindside face

“Aubry should have won”

Me diving into Survivor Wednesday

That’s it for this episode guys, tune in here next week for more! (I don’t want this season to end aaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Next time on…Survivor: Black Widow Brigade 2.0 – Attempt #85

Uncaptioned treasures:

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