What’s up my dudes, it’s been a while but I’m back!!

Welcome to the GIF Recap of Survivor: Winners at War (ok who chose that title?)!!!!

It’s time for you to see everything you missed from the premiere of S40…in GIFS! Follow me and have fun!

Jump if you only won a single million dollar check

Yo Parvati is MAD

When you’re in a season where you can blindside half of the cast and you still won’t get a lot of airtime because Sandra, Parvati, Rob and Tony are on the same island as you

I got greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes

When none of your friends wanna go out so you go alone to the bar in a tuesday because you’re an alcoholic

Imagine picking a fight with Natalie Anderson

Survivor Drinking Game: Take a shot every time you see someone dramatically chop a bamboo

Tell me Tyson doesn’t look like that one GTA San Andreas loading screen dude

Newbie: *makes an alliance once*

NaOnka throwing Kelly’s leg into the ocean

Dead me realizing I can still haunt people to the eternity

When your game is considered no game by all other 19 players even before the game starts

EOE in an All-Winners season

First time in a three way

Seriously…the guns

What the fuck Amber?

Will Wahl turning 21 and never drinking milk again

Survivor Drinking Game: Take a shot every time you see someone dramatically chopping a bamboo

Lady Gaga about ARTPOP

Me introducing myself to my therapist

Jump if you won more than a single million dollar check

Me getting to the high school reunion with my dog called George Monsel Campbell

30 seconds in in a job interview

Why am I having Heroes vs Villains flashbacks here?

Aaaaaaand he did it again!

Beyoncé be like

Yeah, we know that’s not happening

That’s all guys! Make sure to check out all the other gifs from the episode on the link below!

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