S37E02 – In The Sand?

Episode 2 – In the sand?

A visual fist bump to start this episode

This is the Former Fatty Dance, whenever you lose a pound (or kilo) you do this dance for good luck

Own what a cute liz….

You realize how cold they were when you see Alison crying over a fire-making kit

And if you think that’s not enough, watch Natalia freeze to death on tv

Mother Nature telling you nobody wants to see that

Whaaaaat? Medical, we need medical

We have a new character: Madalie. She is MAD, bro

Killer Bee to be the first island hot of the season?

The Girls Alliance Dance, whenever you go out with your girlfriends you must do this dance for good luck

The hand sizes though

Es hora de cortala!

The mockery in Madalie’s face makes it even better

Daddy be cursing

He ate A FLOWER? Medical, we need medical

This mute man is funny, why can’t he speak?

Supergirl low-key saving the challenge

*If I was playing Survivor*
anyone: a

When you regret eating that fourth slice of pizza

It’s an Angelina sandwich!

Mayor of Crytown ready to give her crying speech

When you wanna pick your nose but you’re on tv

It’s the Angelina Patrol!

Jury Management Classes #1 – Name your alliances

Madalie motivating her team mate

Yesterday was Johnny IMPACT’s birthday!

First time ever the keep an eye worked in this game

You better

The happiness of having the Immunity Idol on your hands

His love for Survivor is his drug

Ok, who farted?

That one time Killer Bee was forgotten by her own Tribe

I can’t tell if Mike’s butthole eyes are open or not

The famous last words, something is going south for this girls soon…

First Tribal Council, first eye rolling

That came out wrong

Tell that to Jeff and his fucking island of advantages

Three stages of receiving a shocking information

Walk like a boss

Shut up gimme my idol

The cameraman answered Christian, he got slapped

Gabby does not want bullshit talk

My two states of mind

Daddy stripping for you

Jeremy be stretching

He lost a lot of weight…and half of his brain

Sweet serial killer

Jury Management Classes #2 – Hug your allies before a strategy talk

Having to wait another 7 days for Survivor

The I Have A Buddy Dance – Whenever your buddy have your back do this dance for good luck

Mayor of Crytown performing at camp

I wouldn’t waste your time or mine

Mayor of Crytown fucking dying of dehydration

The Survivor Gods were never called this much

This is how you spot when Jeff doesn’t like the result of the vote

Madalie watching the challenge performances

Madalie and the boogers

Cowgirl starting her strategic mastermind path

A true legend is always remembered for their skills

We didn’t either brother

Mayor of Crytown with her last tears

A #blindside is only a #blindside if it has a #jawdrop

Alec man is a challenge beast!

You find an idol you kiss the idol…just don’t smell it

First ass shot of the season and of course the girl is the first boot

When you just got beat by a Tribe of giants and the mma fighter tells you you lost because you suck and not because they’re giants

I bet every season people do this but they never found nothing

Nice shots

Waves do not like docs

Run, Forest, RUN!

We all have heard or said this before

Fans on S35: We are tired of so much idols and advantages!
Jeff on S36: We brought you an entire island of idols and advantages!

Sand Castle – In theathers October 3rd

Peace? In Survivor? Uhh…

So Mayor of Crytown went from the sweet young girl who care for the others to an overconfident bitch in one episode? The power of the editing!

This is my favourite part, before the blindside when the votes start to turn and the confident person starts to shit their pants

Jury Management Classes #3 – Make eye contact with the other Tribe(s)

Gabby low-key confused about what to do at Tribal

Carl be mad too

Speaking of which…

Anyone: a

Me figuring out who voted for who every Tribal

Alec showing the real happy trail

When we will ever have a bro alliance again?

An idol find is an idol find

Everything about me speaks I’m not gonna work my ass off

Every time Dan shows up on the tv

Years ago I thought they didn’t give them sunscreen

Supergirl coming to save her team and me forgetting to subtitle this one

I bet she rechecked herself after that Tribal

Random jawdrops

Madalie bossing a coconut

Supergirl with a face paint

Alec has an “I’m gonna do bad things with you” face

Mayor of Crytown just lost the election, BEGONE.

Next time on…Survivor: Gabby is cured from depression!

That is it for now guys, make sure to come back next Thursday for more! This season is FIRE!

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