S37E04 – Why Are You Smiling?

I’m back with a brand new pack my dudes! Thanks for the feedback!!!

I must say, this is a very very promising season, if it continues that way it will easily slide into TOP 15 at the very least!! I mean, MY GOD it was about damn time to have a glorious season again, last time was HHH! We need it! Yeah. This episode we had Killer Bee getting killed, a STUPID move, Madalie smiling and a VERY mad Natalia Azoqa. Welcome to the Survivor: David vs Goliath GIF Thread! I hope y’all enjoy this!!

Episode 4 – Why Are You Smiling?

The face of starving people looking at food to start this

Did somebody say alliance-naming?

Flirtish Davie flirting with Jeff

Alec with some eyebrow game

The Charmpocalypse is here

The relief of a swap is real on the David Tribe

When you win the challenge for your Tribe

Flirtish Davie flirting with Carl

Natalia, Alec secretly told me he voted you out for the ass touching

New awesome Tribes

And Carl…

His reaction was…interestingly creepy

The mouth, why is the mouth open like that, why why

It won’t close, I’m calling the police

Elizabeth digging Natalia’s grave

Kara was not having the quitting

Christian is the definition of clumsy

Ass shot!

Uh yeah…for a million dollars!


Davie runing barefoot

Solid argument to convince weak minds to make dumb moves

Bi’s quitting was like “kthnksbye” and then continued the episode (stole that one)

So they made the crying girl shoot an interview in the puring raind? What is wrong with the cameracrew?

Madalie blindfoldly bossing people

“Miss, you ar eone rude wave!”

I’d be mad if she did that to me

Watch Survivor and have fun with people’s suffering


Dude, why are you humping your balls on the challenge set?

Look at Gabby

You can see a clear strong bond forming between Madalie and Lyrsa

I know what you’re saying, it’s me isn’t it?

Angelina on her squats

Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it
Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Hey ya!

Kara: My horse was white
Elizabeth: Mine was black

Anyone: I like your hair



Wrong hole!

Me leaving a family group chat

Why do they always smell the new buff?

It’s no longer a #blindside if you stand up to whisper with the enemy at Tribal Council

We need to talk about Angelina’s headband, who is making these? Nick has a necklace!

Run, Carl, run!

When it hits you

Look at Gabby

Watch and learn, Nickerson

A blue swallow hard

When you’re in an introduction cyrcle and someone farts

Eyerolling wrestler


“Dinner’s ready”

Guess who was the most excited person about the swap?

And the least

Natalia trying to win the challenge with her head…literally

I’m having nightmares

Man, fighting them cononuts is tiring!

Ok this whispering thing needs to stop now. THE AUDIENCE WANTS TO FUCKING LISTEN

Why did you bring it back, Jeff? Why WHY

If she had fell and Alec laughed thye would have to call medical…for him

Trish also never left the island!

Nick was like “fuck this David crap I wanna play with the giants”


What smelled so bad?

*leaf falls from tree*

I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t be able to hold the smile if I had just made a move, let me cry about how stupid it was later at the Losers Lodge

When you survive that burrito without having an accident

Nervous Nick

When he gives you that look

*leaf falls from tree*

The difference between Madalie and Nick’s cheering

Carl’s face to Kara

He almost fell

Whatever it is, Kara agrees, veeeeery carefully

She was mad, but she knew, IT WAS NOT A BLINDSIDE, CBS STOP!

Purple buff for a purple Lyrsa

And the third voted out is…Natalia Azorqa!

That’s it for now guys, tune in next thursday (or friday :D) for some more!!

Next time on…Survivor: The Charmpocalypse is REAL!

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