S37E03 – Boy, You Are Mistaken!

Starting with the summary of the episode

Jeremy explaining his attitude at Tribal

Yep, Nick did that

Jeff is amost 90 and still got it


A cowboy mermaid…I don’t think she got to the bottom

Alec and the machete, a relationship

The Lauren Rimmer effect

I laughed at this more than I probably should

Shit going down and Kara just standing there like

Are you telling me the first female asian to actually have a chance to break the curse gets her knee fucked? Survivor Gods are racist!

The beginning of a Cavemen Porn

When you’re 8-years-old and your mom forgets you at school

Tribal eyeroll

Camp eyeroll

Beach eyeroll

Natalia is ALWAYS freezing

If you can’t take the heat

Gabby about to open the red sea, this season is getting way too biblical

The smile in your face when you’re about to make your shiny move

That one time Kara threw a rock so hard it went back 7 seasons

Yes Spanky, they were here!

Whenever someone disagrees with me

How about Davie throwing water on Nick’s face

A yawn is somethign contagious!

Speaking of contagious, what disease did Alison had to get placed 10 feet away from everyone?

What was Davie’s edit on the first two episodes, SFN?

I don’t think John likes connecting with people much

Angel(ina) and her shiny moment

Gabby at the shelter just chillin’ getting thrown under the bus

What were they building? I’m calling the police

He made a broom out of bamboo

Images you can hear…+ Gabby’s ass wanting some airtime

Awwn look at this psycopath face

When the person you wanted out is no longer getting voted out and still out there hunting your ass

Carl watching the nerds made my day better

He never left the island!

Me trying to see the car plate of my uber because I don’t know what a Ford Fusion is

Finally a decent handshake!

Famous last words of an early boot…don’t let it happen, HEAL THE BI

When it rains and you’re outside, are you a Jeremy or an Alison?

I swear to God I have done this GIF before

The Official Survivor Lesbian-Looking Male Race

John coming out of the water after a waterdump

Bi with a black market smartphone

Lyrsa about to murder the nerds

Mike wanting to die

Killer Bee just chillin’ on daddy’s lap

Yeah, we all would

When they know you know they know you got the idol

When your knee is fucked and you’re out next so you hold that Immunity Idol and don’t let anyone touch it

What about her fingers? HEAL THE BI

Bro what did that rope do to you?

And that’s how the emoji movie happened

Tell me you weren’t at least a bit happy for them

Wait, WHAT?

BIGMOVEZ Ciera, it’s for you

Would You Let Madalie Soft Your Ball?

And here’s the next victim of the napalm

When you and your nerd friend finish making a homemade bomb to drop at Jeff’s island mansion

He’s about to quit

Madalie scrambling style

Happy happy Gabby

This is called emotional blackmail, and I love it

Christian is a cute psychopath bunny

Botox-Jeff Probst

Que lindo cara, que lindo

A new member for the Jenna Bowman’s No Chin Club

My favourite moment, the cocky person starts to shit their pants, two votes, two huge brilliant blindsides…what a season my dudes!

Random rain shots

That turn ala Michaela

Is John getting voted out this season?


Immunitee Dawnce (this is my british accent)

She gives that smile when the Napalm is about to drop

Angelina realising Davids got the puzzle


When the beef starts and you’re sleeping

When we ask for less idolvantages and Jeff comes up with an entire island of them

Johnny Feline

These lines are exactly how we know the swap is happening next, every.single.season.

Someone got schooled at this Tribal

Alec couldn’t believe Abi-Maria was there

No Pants Lyrsa was focused

Most memorable line in years

The second voted out was: SIDE CONVASATIONS Jeremy


Next time on…Survivor: The Swapfucked Poll is open, place you bets!

That is it for now guys, come back next thursday for more!!!

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