S37E12 – Locomotor Wibbly

What’s up my dudes!! Welcome back to another episode of the seasonal Italo’s GIF Thread! What an amazing season, best since Heroes vs Villains it doesn’t even matter who wins anymore, that’s how goodthe season is! Keep up!!!! Today we have the Loved Ones Visit with LOTS of love…and drama…and a #blindside, all in infinite loops! Have fun! (and thanks for the support!!)

Episode 12 – Locomotor Wibbly

Start this episode with Mad Gabby losing the Immunity Challenge

Davie cursed by the Sarah Monkey’s fly theory

Nick with a game face on



You had time to think, now pick your fighter

Nick’s dad is a giant

Angelina is me trying to impress my mom

Me: man, family visit takes so much airtime!
Also me during every family visit episode ever:

Sheldon and Amy

Pants were shitted on


If I was a loved one in Survivor I would be Josh

*goes to the gym once*


Alison’s mom peacing out one os the best moments of the episode

Davie, the explorer

The exact moment Christian found out he had to play the idol

Everyone dying on the challenge and Kara not even worried

This is the castaway version of flossing your teeth and smelling it

And now they broke Alison, great

Technically they had to release the balls first?

CBS I don’t care how you do it but I need more Anna on my tv

That feeling when you lost the Immunity Challenge because of a damn fly

Who is braiding people and when will that person start making beard braids?

Carl was not happy

Davie dressed as a dad for family visit

Gabby chopping a coconut pretending it is Christian’s head

How big, how blue, how beautiful

Where have I listened to that before?


That one time Gabby used Harry Potter spells to make Christian lose the Immunity Challenge

When I’m leaving a room and I hear my name in a conversation

When you realize voting out two meat shields was not the right move because now even your nerd buddy from day 1 wants your ass gone

11th voted out: We will miss your tears, Gabby!

“She’s a snake in the grass” – Kimmi Kappenberg

Alison looking like she’s in a vibration patform commercial

This would be me if I was on Survivor an anyone came up with a strategy plan

That was straight up CREEPY

Instant classic

The biggest foreshadowing of the episode

When Davie finds his second idol

When you make a joke too soon and everyone look at you like

That’s it for now guys, see you soon!!

Next time on…Survivor: If you want someone out, tell them to their faces, pretty safe move

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