S37E05 – Can I Have Your Jacket?

Guess who’s back
Back again
GIFs are back
Tell a friend

Now everyone report to the dance floor
Alright stop
Jacket time!

Welcome back to Survivor: David vs Goliath GIF Thread!

I’m your host Italo and I’ll show you everything you missed on the latest episode in infinite loops. This episode we had the return of a Survivor God,  balls thrown around, male asses, twerk, jackets, eggs and more NAPALM! Have fun!

Episode 5 – Can I Have Your Jacket?

Starting this with Madalie starting a fire in 0.0000005 seconds and a stolen joke

Not aired voting confessional

Madalie bossing the raindrops

When the island you’re in for 10 days declares war on you

Gabby watching her bestie make new friends

Sources said an industrial engineer planted a trap on the challenge

Survivor Horror Story: Vuku Camp

Lyrsa delivering Tribal facial reactions

“I’m looking for anything that’s green”

Knots fall for Lyrsa like lovers

When you’re just chilling at Tribal and a distant voice says “can I have your jacket?”

Davie about to get a boat to Hogwarts

GIFs that you can hear

You can’t trust anyone these days man

Gabby tripping at the challenge

You’re gonna need a 3D glasses to watch this

Wow, that ball dude, it almost fell!

Madalie and Mike do not clap for the enemies

People are taking this Napalm thing too serious

All I wanted was a player that argues with Probst every Tribal and when I got one they go home 15th

When you wanna give the middle finger but you’re on tv

Whenever Jeff comes up with a new advantage or twist, this is how the fans feel

“I’m not sure what Davie is doing”

Lyrsa’s face when she realized they’d have to build a new shelter

She went off right away

Jacket Thoughts

*A single raindrop falls from the sky*

The happiness on Nick’s face watching Goliaths go at each other

We need to talk about Angelina’s headband. Who is making those and why only Nick and Dan have one?

Highest point of the episode. ANGELINA THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! Thank you so much

Cyclone Nick

Vuku praying to the God of Upper Body Strenght

If Jeff goes like this after something you say, you are doing right please continue

Who gets the Emmy for best act on pretending no one knew Natalia was voted out after being 2 days together at Ponderosa? My vote is to Kara

A purple vote for a purple Lyrsa

Carl cheering for the enemies and Angelina fucking punching Lyrsa away

That ball man, it was so close to falling!

The nerd sassiness

A very important world announcement:

Props to the cameracrew for these awesome shots

They must go like “Hey, you, jacket freak, come with us we need you to be on top of a rock”


The Survivor Dead

Squirrell slingshot is for the weak

Ok how uncomfortable was that hug?

Madalie bossing the blanket

Nick Wilson, explain yourself

Alec and the machete, a relationship

Spot Lyrsa almost falling

Me reading the feedback

Nick’s tongue game

Gabby tripping ON HERSELF

Me at every single votes reading

Madalie bossing the challenge

Survivor Horror Story: Kara’s hair

When people say “flippers never win”


Jeff: A twiste never seen before

The idea of a ghost island

When you know you’ll have to start the shelter all over again

A rockstar indeed

Oh, the slingshot looks hard to shoot

Survivor Horror Story: Christian In The Woods

Madalie pretending to be shocked


*Survivor ancient voices* Oh eh oh eh oh eh aah

Winner edit intensifies

The Survivor God of Sales


Don’t believe NTOS. No man can break a bond created by a dumb move

Angelina’s acting skills

Madalie mocking Jeff on his face

Alec and Kara make a cute jawdrop couple, they are always like this

There’s an ancient theory that says if the camera catch a bug on you you can’t win Survivor, Kara the Theory has spoken

Lyrsa, were you trying to catch a fish with a bambu again?

6th person voted out is…Madalie! As rude as you were, you will be missed! Now, CBS WE DEMAND THE LOSER’S LODGE FOOTAGE OF NATALIE AND JEREMY GOING AT EACH OTHER

Guys this is it for today, hope y’all had fun with it! See you soon!!!

Next time on…Survivor: Cowgirl goes full psycho killer

I’ll leave a pack of random important gifs I couldn’t come up with a subtitle for.

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