S37E06 – Love You Chica, Adiós

That was a good ending to a good pre-merge. I’m really enjoying this season and its characters!! This week we had a Shirie moment of crying, tears lots of tears, a very angry cowgirl, and wrestler masturbation! Enjoy!

Episode 6 – Love You Chica, Adiós

Me running to Survivor Wednesday

Dude what you doing

So the girls and working hard and the boys are bothered because they want TO SLEEP?

Alec at the challenge watching the advantage he gave his Tribe go away

Christian fucking dies

I’m very disappinted CBS didn’t throw a #irritated here

formerfatty’s tongue game

I’d be sleeping on the tarp  every day

Upper body strenght

I cannot wait for Angelina’s supervillain arc to start at the merge!

Whent he jacket freak is still hunting for a jacket

When the girl on the bottom chooses you to charm with tears

Poor Dan

Don’t touch my ponytail


When Jeff sees a female charming her way to FTC with a sharp social game who can win over an alpha male

Dude what’s Nick on and where can I find it

Angelina planning how to ruin some games

Alec forgetting part of the challenge

Somebody told John he can moonwalk and we had to watch this

This is what I call mindblow

Where is the love from my chica?

She was so nervous, I bet she already knew

Whatever it is, John approves

Who’s gonna blindside Dan?

I can’t tell if Nick is happy, desperate, hurt or all at the same time

Gabby has a falling scene every episode and I’m in love with that

#irritated, I’m making this happen watch me

RIP Jabeni


A single leaf falls from a tree

You didn’t see that coming

Davie did not like the reward

Angelina with 37 coats


nerdy mermaid

Famous screenwriter and actor Mike White kills himself on tv

Ain’t this puppy cute?

I swear I didn’t knwo Angelina was latina until this episode

Angelina, a machete and them coconuts

Ok, shouting your alliance name of 3 while feed them in front of your Tribe of 5 is not a good strategy

Me when the Survivor theme song starts

Now that was painful to watch

Lyrsa was so sad this Tribal, that was NOT a blindside.

This world does not deserve Christian

Winner winner chicken dinner

That looks HEAVY, was it made of cement or something

Angelina looking at the person who just won her food

Social charm

When the irritated cowgirl starts an irritated speech


Garota de Ipanema

Nick trying to find a name for the alliance he just made with a coconut

Natalie just died of irritation on her couch

Alec just chilling waiting for the merge to come so he can ruin everybody’s plans

Yeah we know

But here’s someone who did

Had Elizabeth knock Carl down with that bamboo it would’ve been the best Survivor moment of all time

Best GIF of the season, I have so many questions

Angelina carrying the girls alliance post-merge

That’s it for now. Next episode I’ll come up with A LOT more! It’s a promise!

Next Time On…Survivor: The winner quote is repeated

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