S37E10 – A Contingency Plan

Here we go again, double episodes, double the GIFS! This episode we have Godfather, godmother, negociation, yoga and an ~old (in Italo’s threads) guest! Welcome to Survivor David vs Goliath: GIF Thread – God is a GIF Era. Have fun!!

Episode 10 – Contingency Plan

Starting with the bets GIF of the season, sorry Davie!

I can’t stop laughing and I refuse to caption this

Angelina is already on my TOP 10 players of all time

When you’re a month away from winning a million dollars

He said it!

Nick and Angelina are hungry, Carl needs BEER

When you just beat the challenge beast

RIP Alecson

When I’m walking on the beach and see a witch cult doing their thing

When her tongue doesn’t stop going down

Me every day of the week between Wedndesdyas waiting for Survivor episodes

When I jump in the pool and it’s too cold

When you’re 30 days in and no reward

Survivor Instagram Trivia: how many drops of water had the rain on day 3?
me: I don’t know
Survivor Instagram:

When the science guy starts turns a conversation about potatoes into a science project

Sorry but that shit did not look good

Gabby got mad because she was mad

Check out Christian’s glasses

When you realize you’re not winning that challenge and should’ve chose the vomited nachos

Angelina going full ninja style

When it hits the wrong hole

Kara’s island hair

Nick still needs to explain those socks

Angelina negotiating her balance

I think Alisonw as too tall for this challenge #robbed

Cheers to the most useless Survivor alliance of all time…StrikeForce

*any player ever plays an idol*
S30+ era fans:

Angelina is in a Sticky Situation, can we call Baylor?

Nick after taking a dump

Carl the first having a shelter confessional since…Gabon? Game changer!

The definition of a cool bro #UnbanAlec

The Dark Knight


Supergirl and those guns

Alec flip

This is how you spot an alliance

Gabby when people say she cries too much

There’s no better reward than wisdom

When the plan is to vote out your island hubby

Their thing is just floating away

I think Dan is lost

It’s a matter of POV

fans: that was a bitter jury

me: that’s too much idolvantages

Now we know who poisoned Alison’s water last episode!

9th voted out: Alec! #UNBANALEC

Uncaptioned Section! Caption this:

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