S37E14 – Jabeni Means Winner

So, here we are for the last time this season! What a great season and it is hard to say goodbye, so I’m gonna do it in infinite loop! Here are the GIFS of the Finale of David vs Goliath! Enjoy my dudes!!!
Finale PART 1 – Can We Have Cake First?
10000000 feet on the wall
Jeff pushing Alison’s suicide mode
A very underrated moment – Angelina carrying a fucking ladder through the woods
Two cuties
Pet peeves: […] Oh, and calling me Davey or Dave instead of Davie, my momma named me that!
Alison fell asleep while Jeff gave challenge instructions
The Wine Dance
I love my Final 6
When David vs Goliath is over and I want more of it
The Nick-Angelina alliance is pop perfection
Gimme some blue Lyrsa
By day 37 Mike was out of fucks to give
Alison looking for an idol that’s not fake
Smile, this could be my profile pic
When I realize it’s sunday night and not finale GIFS released yet
There are two kinds of people
Thumbs up!
Alison after no reward ever
Angelina – Where’s My Clue?
Angelina – Where’s My Clue? (Short Version)
Angelina – Where’s My Clue? (Extended Version)
Jabeni cheers
Davie went home classy
F6 pulse check
Whenever someone call me for anything
63 pieces puzzle bro
Get you someone who looks at you the way Nick looks at the cake
When you’re going at the spaghetti and you remember how’s your jury management
The jury was looking awesome at the finale
When I heard S38 was having another island twist
Alison: *takes a leaf from a tree*
Nick and Angelina:
When Jeff sees a social player
That was an impressive win for my boy Nick
…and an impressive Idol find for my girl Angelina
Ellen Degeneres looking great on the Live Finale
And the Emmy goes to…
Juror Christian
About life
Alison while Angelina says anything ever
Biggest foreshadowing of the episode
When they ask you what’s the best newbie season
Mike Wine – A Compilation
Mike Wine – Split
13th voted out – Devilish Davie!
PART 2 – She Will Win!
Again and again and again
Angelina explaining why Mike and Nick should HELP her with the jury
Kara talking about Nick
A second before Mike go full asshole on Tribal
Bald Mike
When Jeff sees a female social player ready to sway the jury at FTC
Quando eu vejo um corno
I mean, if you’re a villain do it right, do it the Angelina way!
And the Golden Globe goes to…
Eu vou aparar pela rabiola
Reaction to the fake idol
Kara watching Angelina speak
That hair tho
Mike was not up for acting on the island
Mad juror Gabby
This is the Jeff Probst effect
Go ahead grim reaper, snuff my torch the way only you know how
Queen of balance
When you know how the votes are going
Kara Kay and a Key, Kara Key
Let me shake this maybe it will open
Juror Carl
14th voted out: Bye Alison!! The girl who got screwed by the edit and got revenge by becomign the social media star of the season!
PART 3 – High Five
A very happy jury
Nick’s brain: don’t do the jumpy dance
Angelina getting emotional after she knew she was getting dragged to the end
How disappointing was when Supergirl went home walking instead of flying?
again and again and again
Angelina asking for the balls to not drop
Alec rooting for his insland wifey on the FMC
Mike White having a stroke on TV
Fist bump with the showrunner is essential
Dude wyd
Mike defeating Supergirl
Flippers don’t get a high five from Nick
“F4? Fuck what am I doing”
Angelina and Nick very concentrated
The moment Kara knew she was going home
Still smiling
Who wants to sit on daddy’s millionaire lap?
Eliminated: Kara Kay aKa Supergirl, you delivered good Edgic discussions this season and certainly some #blindsides on the forums!
PART 4 – #JabeniMeansWinner
I didn’t believe Jeff when he said this was an awesome season and turns out it’s my fave newbie of all time
Michael Myers before going out to stab someone to death
It’s Stripvivor!
Dan is the first player to fall on their way to the voting booth, game changer!
Why was Alec wearing a helmet?
Let’s see how everyone voted and why is Dixon’s vote written MIKE?
I love my Final 3
And my jury
Greatest alliance of all time
“voting blocs”, “fluid gameplay”
Walk, walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy
Dramatic villain moment
Who cares about the million I want the buzz
Jabeni cheers!
When you have an EPIC season with all 13 episodes being extremely entertaining, an amazing winner and unique character after 18 years of the show
Gabby’s last appearence on Survivor was crying
The way Jeff looks at the alpha male of the cast is so pure
He did not see that coming
The exact moment Jeff became a transginger
“I could’ve died!”
Grisel!!! It’s time for Blood vs Water 3, Jeff!
Random yesses
Kara reading right through you
The winner of David vs Goliath: Nick WINson!!!
The F3 of David vs Goliath
Nick:  one of the best winners ever! A legend who got into the group of players who won without ever getting a vote casted against them!
Angelina: The most unique character of the season, one of the best female characters of all time and sure my all time favourite female!
Mike: Wine drinker and the successful celebrity in Survivor!
Random GIFS with no captions:
Here’s the final photochop of the season! Amazing cast, amazing episodes, amazing moments that provided amazing GIFS!
 Hard to say goobye to this season but this is it! See you again in the off-season with Pearl Islands and Africa GIFS!!

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