S37E13 – Tell Me More About That

Welcome back to another episode of Survivor: David vs Goliath – GIF Thread by Italo! I’m glad we are all having some fun with these GIFS on this epic season, Survivor is alive again and I am too! Thank you all for the support and let’s move on to the (w)episode!

Now, on 13th episode of the season we had Rice Wars, Idol hunts, a very angry superhero, a shady Alison and blah blah blah blah blah! And more! Enjoy all the moments you missed on the episode in infinite loops! Have fun!

Episode 13 –  Tell Me More About That Over Some Rice
Actual footage of S40 Heroes vs Villains 2 (which by the way if the contestants don’t show up in helicopters is not the same thing!)
*Sandra’s voice*
People plotting against Alison at camp but when you look she’s gone two miles out brushing sand on her damn face
When all you want is to take a dump but the camera dude is still after you
Angelina begging her balls to don’t fall
Alison throwing a shade at Nick, Angelina AND Mike at the same time
Alison, The Challenge Beast
Alison, The Challenge Beast – Extended Version
Alison, The Challenge Beast – Boomerang
Alison, The Challenge Beast – Speed Up!
Look for idols while the enemies are freezing to death
The feeling when you know you can handle a third ball
ANGRY Supergirl
You know your argument is not convincing when people are looking at you like this
Jeff looking at Nick’s idol wondering if it was in his pants with his 35-Days-Without-A-Shower genitals
Angelina and the choice of Davie – A not so short story
Davie won the reward and had to pick two buddies
First he picked Nick saying he chose him on the other reward
Nick who cleaned his hand after touching Davie’s poruing sweat back
Nick who also cleaned his frenemie’s beard!
So Tracy Flick made a point
And another point
That helped Davie’s choice
Back at camp she explained her angery to her Tribe
While Shady Alison listened…
…and threw a “tell us about that over some rice”
Angelina called that rice, The Revenge Rice
Will the Revenge Rice saga stop here or will we have more Revenge Rice? Find out next week!
Look at how cute was cleaned up Gabby
This is in the direction of “You just gotta keep your balls moving”
Christian went home, there’s a total of zero people who saw that coming
To the left, right
To the right
Davie to Davie when Davie considered playing another idol for the biggest threat in the game
And now they broke Angelina? Great
Blah blah blah
12th voted out: One of the most iconic character this show ever had, we will miss you bro
(Just so y’all can mourn a little more he indicated he wouldn’t play again anytime soon, my middle name brother is living his dream in his career right now, congrats Christian!)
So Kara didn’t see what was happening or she just gave no fucks?
Let’s be real, “voting blocs” and “fluid game” is just a pretty name for flipping…
When I go out with the intention to black out drunk so all know about the night is what people tell me the day after
Here’s one of the most iconic F6s of all time!
The pulse check after a #blindside
Christian last puppy smile
Gotta love the hangloose, Alecson lives!
When you read the room but you can’t do anything about it
and the oscar goes to roooo(aaar)yals!
That’s it for now guys! Tune in next week for the finale GIFS! Fuck, I can’t believe this season is ending!!!!
Next time on…Survivor: Yep.
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